Gslp Youth

Gibraltar Socialist Labour Youth

Who are we?

We are the youth wing of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (“GSLP”) which was formed to put young people at the heart of our campaign.

How do I become a member?

Membership is automatic for GSLP members aged 15 to 30.

What do we do?

We campaign on issues that affect young people and act as a  pressure group within the GSLP.

Our aim is to fight for a society based on fairness, equality and freedom for all. Social equality, social justice and the right to self-determination are important components of our political philosophy.

As those who are at the forefront of our society, young people must play a prominent role as decision-makers of political policies. Through our Youth Mentorship Scheme, we are committed to ensuring full opportunities for young people and increasing their role in society.

In order to achieve this, we work to create more relevant spaces for youth participation. The goal is to train young people in democratic processes and transmit their views and opinions to the decision-makers via the GSLY Chairperson who sits on the GSLP Executive Committee.

To that end, any of our members can submit a policy motion to be debated on by the Party’s Executive Committee and voted for at the Party’s Annual General Meeting. We, as a collective voice, can draw attention to different ideas and issues that affect young people.

We are a platform created from you, by you, for you and are thriving more than ever.

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Youth Section

GSLP Students is an inclusive youth movement aimed at engaging those within the 16-24 demographic, especially those in tertiary education.

The primary goal of our dynamic organisation is to ensure that students have a platform whereby they can voice their opinions and bring the ideas and concerns they have to the forefront of the agenda.

Since our formation in October 2018 we have continued to attract more and more new members each week. Our goal is to use the idea’s of today to shape the future of Gibraltar and the more students we have on board the louder our voice can be and the better we can represent the aforementioned demographic.

So far we have worked closely with the GSLP – the party which created the university grants under Sir Joe Bossano and extended them to second degrees under our present Chief Minister – in order to put students’ issues at the ‘very top of the pile’. We have sought and received assurances over grants in a post-Brexit world, we have announced exciting opportunities for students based in the UK such as representing Gibraltar in the presence of HM the Queen and we have also embarked on helping local students with their university applications by offering our membership’s advice on university and course choice as well as personal statement tips.

Additionally, in light of ever-rising inflation, we worked with the party to secure a much-welcomed increase of around £500 in this year’s budget towards university maintenance grants. Moreover, during the summer of 2019 we have held a number of meetings with Government Ministers such as the Hon. Prof. John Cortes and the Hon. Paul Balban, which has allowed members to discuss local politics with those who are involved in it on a day to day basis.

If you want to get involved in the fastest growing, proactive students’ movement why not like our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date with the latest developments (@GSLPStudents) or sign up as a member today by clicking on the below link and completing our short application form:

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