Fabian Picardo

Hon Fabian R Picardo QC MP

Fabian has been a GSLP Member of Parliament since 2003 and became party leader of the GSLP in early 2011. Shortly afterwards in December of 2011 he led the GSLP/Liberal alliance into Government.

Since then, Fabian has worked tirelessly to ensure that Gibraltar’s status both nationally and internationally has always been impeccable, and this was rewarded by a convincing electoral victory in 2015 that signalled Gibraltar had firmly placed its trust in his Government. He guided Gibraltar’s Brexit negotiations team throughout the challenging negotiations period and ensured that Gibraltar’s sovereignty and status was never under threat.

Since becoming Chief Minister, it is unquestionable that Gibraltar has seen unprecedented levels of support from the UK and he has frequently met, with the UK’s Prime Ministers since 2011 to ensure that Gibraltar’s interests are always protected.

Leading the GSLP/Liberals team that has delivered record surpluses, new schools and 50/50 housing, mandatory postgraduate study grants, replenished the Community Care accounts and attracted new inward investment to our economy at an unprecedented scale, it is no doubt that Fabian has given his in all to the Chief Minister role over the last 8 years.

Sir Joe Bosanno

Sir Joe Bossano KCMG MP

Sir Joe Bossano founded the Gibraltar Democratic Movement (GDM) in 1977. The GDM then became the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party (GSLP) in 1978 and it has revolutionised and transformed local politics ever since.

Sir Joe was Chief Minister of Gibraltar from 1988 to 1996. He has been actively involved in local politics since the 1970’s and has been a member of Gibraltar’s parliament for almost 50 years which has earned him the “Father of the House” title.

Sir Joe has introduced many important changes over his years in Government including the provision of student grants and 50/50 housing. Since returning to Government in 2011 he has helped the GSLP/Liberals produce record-breaking surpluses year on year and ensured that unemployment levels have hit record-lows. As Minister for Economic Development, Sir Joe has also attended several important conferences throughout the world to attract further inward investment which continues to fuel our vibrant economy.


Hon Prof. John Cortes MBE, MP

John has long been a supporter of the GSLP and joined in 2011 in order to help bring about the new dawn that Gibraltar so desperately needed.

Over the last 8 years John has worked tirelessly both as Minister for Health and later Minister for Education in order to bring about sector-wide changes and improvements. As Minister for Education he has also overseen the construction of various new schools including Notre Dame and the new Comprehensives which demonstrate the commitment this Government has to education.

John is also an avid environmentalist and as Minister for the Environment he has brought an unprecedented level of awareness to all Gibraltarians about the modern day struggles that our planet is facing.


Hon Samantha Sacramento MP

Since becoming involved in local politics, Samantha has championed the drive for equality in Gibraltar.

In 2013 she became the first woman to act for the Chief Minister and she proudly holds the Ministerial portfolio of Equality. In 2014 Samantha became Minister for Housing and ever since then she has worked hard to deliver a wide array of affordable housing so that young Gibraltarians can settle down and create their own families. Eliminating the housing waiting list has always been a goal for Samantha and with the construction of Hassans Centenary Terraces, Bob Peliza Mews and Chatham Views, she is well on the way to achieving it.

Another proud achievement for Samantha has been her wide-ranging reforms and the transformation of the social services sector.


Hon Paul Balban MP

Paul is a member of the GSLP and an elected member of Parliament for 8 years. He is currently the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning and is responsible for overseeing Planning Policy, Traffic, Transport and the Government’s Technical Services.

Paul has achieved numerous key changes in these areas over his years a Minister. He led in the creation of the present Gibraltar ID Card for the Chief Minister, which has subsequently allowed locals to park in locations such as the MidTown Carpark effortlessly. As part of his responsibility for Traffic and Transport, Paul has been promoting sustainable alternative transport including cycling, walking and bus use. The Bus Tracker app used by thousands today was developed and implemented under his watch.

Paul has also been spearheading the many pilot parking projects including the successful Residential Parking Scheme that has seen vast improvements for residents living in the zones already introduced.

His perseverance and hard work in such a challenging field as is parking, traffic and transport, is starting to show through in what he has achieved so far.


Hon Albert Isola MP

Albert became a Minister in the 2013 by-election where he assumed the responsibility of Minister for Financial Services and Gaming. Since becoming a Minister, Albert has travelled throughout the world raising Gibraltar’s economic profile amongst investors. He has had to work particularly hard to attract new gaming companies to Gibraltar despite Brexit, and he has continued to improve the already stellar reputation of our financial services sector globally.

Throughout the last year Albert has formed part of the team which has ensured that Gibraltar will continue to have access to the United Kingdom Market in a post Brexit world. Additionally, he led in the publishing of the vital and much-needed Financial Services Bill. This bill modernises, consolidates and improves the existing regulatory framework of over 80 pieces of legislation, by combining them into one. Yet another step into making Gibraltar an attractive jurisdiction for business.

With an unparalleled knowledge of modern technology and emerging markets, it is no surprise that Albert has continually attracted new business ventures to Gibraltar and led in the creation of a local 'DLT framework' which has already seen 8 firms becoming fully-licensed under Gibraltar law.


Hon Gilbert Licudi QC MP

Gilbert has been a Member of Parliament since 2007 and a Government Minister since 2011. Before becoming Minister for Tourism, Employment, Commercial Aviation and the Port, Gilbert was Minister for Education, Financial Services and Gaming.

As Minister for Education, he began the revolutionary process behind the schools’ renovations and the construction of the new schools around Gibraltar. Moreover, one of Gilbert’s proudest achievements was the establishment of the University of Gibraltar, something which many people doubted would ever be possible.

Additionally, as Minister for Financial Services and Gaming, Gilbert ensured that the financial services sector of Gibraltar continually grew year after year, and that Gibraltar continued to attract reputable, renowned gaming companies to the Rock.

As Minister for Tourism, Gilbert has consistently improved Gibraltar’s tourist products and despite Brexit, he has worked hard to ensure that every year, more and more tourists visit our unique hometown. Another one of Gilbert’s proudest achievements was the construction of Small Boats Marina which has become a focal point for over 700 boat owners in Gibraltar.