Joe 1994

Less M.O.D Presence in Gibraltar and their 30/30/50 Programme

The Ministry of Defence’s rundown in Gibraltar was at the forefront of discussions again this year. The Chief Minister discussed the Mod’s 30/30/50 programme and the ongoing defence review which was likely to have led to a further reduction of Mod presence on the Rock. By 1994, the Mod was down to 11% manpower and represented a mere 10% of Gibraltar’s GDP.

The 30/30/50 programme was introduced in 1991 with the aim of reducing Mod manpower by 30%, running costs by 30% and estate by 50%.

The issue of EEC legislation in the financial sector had permeated into this year’s agenda. This time however, it was the UK Government which was requesting changes in the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The Chief Minister hoped that by meeting these demands, Gibraltar will finally be able to operate freely with the EEC.

What we expect to be able to achieve out of this, is that Gibraltar will have the ability to operate as the thirteenth jurisdiction in the European Union accepted by the other 12 as being of equal standing. Whatever anybody else may say, whether it materialises or it does not – I believe we are entitled to this, without any of the changes that are being asked – will remain to be seen.