1988 Photo

GSLP Wins Elections and set out their Policies

1988 marked the year that the GSLP came into office for the first time. In his first year as Chief Minister, he took the opportunity of delivering the budget speech to set out what his underlying principles and main policies that he, with his government, would be carrying out – including the implementation of a longer term economic plan. His most fundamental policies were laid out, namely:

  1. The mobilisation of Government resources in terms of property and in terms of manpower in order to maximise return;
  2. The redevelopment of the commercial area of the dockyard as an industrial park with the aim of relocating certain Government offices and workshops to this location;
  3. An increase in investment into Gibraltar’s infrastructure to the tune of £4m per year; and
  4. The creation of a more flexible fiscal system in order to “make Gibraltar into one of the most competitive international business centres in the world”.