Education System in Need of Improvement

Mr. Bossano focused his efforts on developing the Comprehensive Education system that existed at the time. He highlighted the poor state of affairs regarding secondary education, access to higher education (or lack of it) and other vocational opportunities for those who left school and sought to find a career. […]

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Sir Joe

Necessity of Effective Economic Analysis

Gibraltar’s economy was in need of significant change. Mr. Bossano, for the first time in the Government’s Budget, emphasized the need for economic analysis and the importance of economic and financial management. […]

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Standards of Living and the Historic Housing Problem

Mr Bossano championed the need to improve existing standards of living by improving the housing situation. He highlighted the need for a change in the existing Government’s housing policy and explained that it was crucial that Gibraltar […]

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Joe 4 1976

Parity of Wages

Mr Bossano focused much of his efforts on challenging the position that existed whereby the MOD would pay Gibraltarian employees less than what they would pay overseas employees for the exact same jobs. […]

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Joe 1977

Lack of Economic Opportunities

Mr Bossano once again emphasized the need for better management of Gibraltar’s economy. He argued that it was the responsibility of the Government to create the opportunities needed to allow for change and to maximise the return of our assets by doing more than just ‘housekeeping and balancing the books’ for the MOD. […]

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Joe 1978

Gibraltar’s Standing in Europe

Little thought had been given to Gibraltar’s standing within the European and World economies. […]

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1979 Photo

Modernising Gibraltar’s Labour Force

Mr Bossano placed greater attention on the need for the modernisation of Gibraltar’s labour force. Mr Bossano suggested to the Government the best possible methods of achieving this. […]

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1980 Photo

The need for long term economic planning

The common thread of the need for long term economic planning continued to be one of Mr Bossano’s priorities. He believed it was of utmost importance for the Government to set out policies which extended further than just the immediate implications. […]

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1981 Photo

Economic Independence, Land Reclamation and Women in the Work Place

Mr Bossano’s belief that Gibraltar needed to be economically and politically independent was further demonstrated. He explained how Gibraltar’s long term economic viability was the strongest guarantee that Gibraltar could achieve political independence. […]

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1982 Photo

Closure of the dockyard

The planned closure of the dockyard was one of the biggest issues of the year and the years to come. So much so, that Mr Bossano refers to 1982 as “a watershed for Gibraltar in its economic history”.[…]

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1983 Photo

Job Losses for Dockyard Employees

The dockyard was to be transferred to private hands and much of Mr Bossano’s attention was focused on expressing his deep concern to the Government and manifesting the concern of those who were employed at the dockyard.[…]

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1984 Photo

Even Further Job Losses Due to the Commercialisation of the Dockyard

The closure and commercialisation of the dockyard dominated political and economic debate in Gibraltar.[…]

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1985 Photo

Economic Standstill and the Stagnation of Wages

According to Mr Bossano, in their 1984 budget, the Government had laid out three elements which were essential to the economic well-being of Gibraltar.[…]

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1986 Photo

The Reopening of the Frontier

The opening of the frontier and the increased movement of people from Spain to Gibraltar and vice-versa brought with it another host of issues for concern.[…]

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1987 Photo

New Banking Legislation and the Continuous Housing Problem

The central issue for Mr Bossano was the newly implemented legislation on banking which made it easier for banks to attain a licence – a measure which he supported.[…]

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1988 Photo

GSLP Wins Elections and set out their Policies

1988 marked the year that the GSLP came into office for the first time. In his first year as Chief Minister, he took the opportunity of delivering the budget speech to set out what his underlying principles and main policies that he, with his government, would be carrying out[…]

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1989 Photo

The Procurement of Political Responsibility for the Budget

The 1989 Budget speech could arguably be considered as Mr Bossano’s first true economic budget as Chief Minister. In it, he established a completely different tone to anything that had ever been seen in Gibraltar’s political history.[…]

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1990 Photo

Greater Investment into the Improvement and Development Fund

Mr Bossano focused his efforts on the continuation of the policy of greater investment into the Improvement and Development fund. In 1990, the government doubled its expenditure in the fund from £4m to £8.[…]

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1991 Photo

Investment into Gibraltar

In 1991, the Chief Minister announced his intentions of spending the bulk of the Investment and Development fund (£63) on three important projects[…]

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1992 Photo

Reduction of Ministry of Defence Presence

After thorough analysis, the Chief Minister revealed that two sectors which were central to Gibraltar’s economy were rapidly shrinking. The first was the Government Sector itself and the second being the MOD.[…]

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1993 Photo

EEC Legislation in Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s application of EEC law is one of the first major issues that Mr Bossano, as Chief Minister, highlighted this year.[…]

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Joe 1994

Less M.O.D Presence in Gibraltar and their 30/30/50 Programmea

The Ministry of Defence’s rundown in Gibraltar was at the forefront of discussions again this year. The Chief Minister discussed the Mod’s 30/30/50 programme and the ongoing defence review which was likely to have led to a further reduction of Mod presence on the Rock.[…]

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Joe 1995

The Effect of Banking Legislation in Gibraltar

As Chief Minister, Mr Bossano considered the issue of banking legislation to form part of the wider question on Gibraltarian rights and self-determination and expressed his concerns about the same[…]

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Joe 1996

Strength of the finances and  the level of economic activity

“The strength of the finances of the Government and the strength of the level of economic activity are not divorced from the political determination to emerge from a colonial relationship[…]

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