Traffic & Infrastructure

Since being elected the GSLP/Liberals have set out to combat the many traffic and infrastructure problems which Gibraltar faces. We have revolutionised many areas within these sectors and our achievements over the last 8 years truly speak for themselves and especially for the time and effort which the Hon Paul Balban has dedicated to these areas.

Bus Transport for Locals and Bus Tracker

The bus system has seen many major changes over the last 8 years. Bus transport for locals is the envy of many other countries and which shows our commitment to the environment and sustainable methods of transport. Additionally, the bus tracker is a tool which has highly improved the accessibility and appeal of taking a bus, by showing in real time, where exactly the desired bus is located at. To add to that, the implementation of a school bus has also received the other bus routes of passengers and allowed pupils throughout Gibraltar to safely use the bus to come to and from their schools.

Free Busses

Another important commitment which has been delivered, is the introduction of night buses in Gibraltar. This service has allowed people to go out, enjoy themselves on the weekend and be able to have the peace of mind that they will have a mode of transport to take them back home. Moreover, it has discouraged the practice of ‘drink driving’ by ensuring that people who have drunk, need not drive themselves home after that.


Making Public Transport Easier to Use

We have also, in line with other countries such as the UK, produced modern and accessible maps of the bus routes in the same style as the London Underground maps. Additionally, each bus stop now has new flag poles and unique signs in order to clarify which buses will stop at those stations and which will not. Another improvement to the service is the new ‘message system’ displayed on the front of each bus which tells locals and tourists alike, in which direction the buses are travelling towards.

Bus Map

Residential Parking Scheme

The STPP and the residential parking scheme that followed were bold moves. No Government has ever attempted to tackle the parking problem in Gibraltar, and that is why we decided to take a stand and come up with a solution that would improve locals’ lives for the better. Although it is still unfinished, those who are within the established zones have already reported back to the Ministry, how happy they are with the new arrangements.

With the introduction of the remaining zones, some tweaks and the addition of extra ‘pay and display’ the residential parking scheme will be completed and all will be able to benefit from it. Gone are the days that residents could not park close to their homes because those parkings were being used by non-residents or 2nd and 3rd cars.

Residential Parking Scheme

Numerous Extra Parkings Created

Over the last 8 years we have created over 1,500 new parkings. Some of these parkings were created by the development of parking areas such as Mid Town Carpark, Rosia Lane, Portland House Parking, Bayside Road Parking, Romney Huts and the ‘pay and display’ at Peter Isola Promenade. The Mid Town car park especially was a revolutionary project which is used daily by hundreds of people who park in a central location and subsequently walk to their respective workplaces.

Icon Transport


  • Major road resurfacing programmes throughout Gibraltar
  • Enhanced civilian protection with the introduction of Cannons, Planters and Gibraltar Rock barriers
  • Road calming measures such as speed cams
  • Successfully removed the “quita multa” helmets from our roads
  • Included old street signs such as those on Calle Comedia and Cuesta de Mr Bourne
  • Numerous road safety campaigns such as: drink driving and “reach for life”
Road Resurfacing
Road Resurfacing 2
Rock Bollards