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Youth Service Celebrate World Hijab Day – 81/2020

By February 12, 2020 No Comments

The Gibraltar Youth Service recently celebrated World Hijab Day by hosting an intercultural awareness day with Muslim young people who are members of the local youth clubs.  

The aim of the day was to raise awareness and to understand the Hijab garment with people from other religious groups being given the opportunity to wear the headpiece.   Alongside this, the young people produced a variety of traditional Moroccan food to taste whilst listening to some background music.

Predominately, our Muslim young members wanted to challenge people’s perception of the hijab being oppressive when in fact it is a cultural choice for women. The organisers of the event were keen to inform people of their views with some quoting: “It is my choice and fulfils the person I am today.  The hijab gives me the freedom to live and express myself while still holding on to my beliefs and values”.

The event was supported with a visit from the Minister for Equality, the Hon Samantha Sacramento and the Principal Youth Officer, Mark Zammit who said, “World Hijab Day has great importance.  We must stand up and recognise women having the right to choose what they want to wear. World Hijab Day is an event to be celebrated – not for religious tolerance but for women’s rights around the world.”

If you are a young person and would like to get involved in any of the events or activities provided by the Youth Service, please contact Mark Zammit, Principal Youth Officer on mzammit@gibraltar.gov.gi  or call 200 78637.