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Westside School launch ‘Writer of the Week’ book – 190/2021

By March 4, 2021 No Comments

Westside School’s English Department have today launched a ‘Writer of the Week’ book to coincide with World Book Day 2021.

The book is a collection of Westside School students’ writing over two academic years. These students were nominated by their English Teachers as ‘Writers of the Week’ and the pieces consist of poems, creative responses to stimuli and analytical writing. 

In addition to their book launch, the school have put together a video of student statements explaining what they feel being included in the book means to them, which can be viewed here https://bit.ly/3kIL48m

Individuals interested in purchasing a copy of the book can email: m.bosano@westsideschoolgibraltar.com or call Westside School on 20074300.

Head Teacher of Westside School, Michelle Barabich said: ‘Credit for the creation of this anthology goes to all the hard-working students and their teachers, Abigail Bellingan who won the cover design competition and Westside teachers Rebecca Escoriza and Karla Imossi who helped create the front and back cover images. Finally, a big thanks to our former Headgirl Carmen Anderson who is a featured writer in the book, and who put together the promotional video.’

Minister for Education and Culture John Cortes said, “I congratulate Westside School, both teachers and students, on this initiative.  I am particularly pleased to see the fusion of Education and Culture being expressed in this way.  It is a wonderfull contribution to Gibraltar’s growing Literary Heritage, which I hope will encourage others to write and publish”.