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Water situation update – 2nd September 2022 – 616/2022

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The Strategic Coordinating Group, chaired by Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, met this morning to discuss the latest development regarding water production and the effects of the OS 35 vessel incident to our water infrastructure.

The water situation across the AquaGib network remains stable with all Reverse Osmosis Plants working at full capacity. However, there is a need to remain sensible with water consumption as AquaGib continues to assist the MOD with the supply of water whilst they resolve an issue with one of their pumps. Therefore, restrictions will remain in place for high consumers with the situation being reviewed again on Monday.

AquaGib is working closely with the Port Authority to secure the area of Little Bay where one of the seawater intakes are installed. Generally, surface oil is not a problem for the water intakes as the intake inlets are sufficiently below the surface. However, as an extra precaution the following measures have been put in place:

  • A square sorbent boom formation already in place,
  • an additional layer of sorbents at the beach buoys line,
  • a launch tasked solely with actively tackling the sheening, which is in the area of Little Bay.
  • and absorbent booms inside the Beefsteak reservoir to prevent any oil from being transferred to the Governor’s Cottage Reverse Osmosis plant.

Members of the public are reminded that any potable water leaks should be reported to the AquaGib 24-hour emergency helpline on 20073659.

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group has been scheduled for Monday afternoon with the Government expecting to issue an update thereafter or earlier if required.