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Water restrictions set to ease – 557/2022

By August 8, 2022 No Comments

The Strategic Coordination Group met this morning at No.6 Convent Place to discuss the latest situation regarding the disruption to water supply across Gibraltar.

The latest advice received by the Government from AquaGib is that the situation has continued to improve over the weekend with more significant continued gains in stock levels being achieved. Further steps to accelerate production are planned for this week.

The advice from AquaGib remains that it is crucial for members of the public to continue being responsible with their water consumption, as they have these past 11 days. This will allow AquaGib to continue to replenish stocks and therefore allow the return to normality at the earliest opportunity.

The Government hopes to be in a position to remove the nightly restrictions by Wednesday of this week, subject to the continued responsible consumption of water by the community. Additionally, based on AquaGib’s professional advice, Government is hopeful that it will be in a position to is to remove all remaining restrictions on water consumption on Monday 15th August. This will exclude shipping as restrictions will continue for at least one further week due to the large amounts of water consumption in this industry.

The Government would like to remind the public that non-potable water continues to be available at Morrison’s car park and lower New Harbours Industrial Park. This water can be used for watering plants, cleaning, and any other non-essential usage. This water should NOT be used for drinking or cooking.

The Government expects to issue a further update later this week.