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Water Pressure/Supply Issues – 554/2022

By August 5, 2022 No Comments

Last night AquaGib finalised the works required to bring the 4th reverse osmosis unit at the Governors Cottage site online following the fire at Powers Drive Tunnel. This means we are back to 100% production capability, enabling us to build stock levels at the Waterworks reservoirs.

Over the period since the fire began, and as our stock levels reduced, large parts of the network were affected with pressure fluctuations and lack of supply. Such is the nature of our gravity-fed system, as stock levels have begun to rise over recent days, these pressure fluctuations and lack of supply are now beginning to reduce. Numerous works have been undertaken by our personnel to react to any reports of pressure fluctuations and we are now at a point in time where all customers should now have supply from their taps.

At this point, customers should be aware that pressure fluctuations may still continue and that this will be normal for some time. However, if you are experiencing no supply, other than during the overnight restrictions, then please contact us on the 24-hour fault report number, 20073659. We can then address the issue as soon as possible.

It is also important to appreciate that the effects of low stock levels/pressure fluctuations will improve at a faster rate if people do their utmost to reduce their water usage. Please consider this every time that you turn on the tap and be responsible with the use of water wherever possible.

AquaGib would also like to thank the public for their understanding during this difficult period in our history.