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Walking or Cycling to School? – 682/2019

By September 17, 2019 No Comments
682.3 2019

As part of its initiatives for sustainable, alternative travel and transport and in support for the environment and the resounding wishes of school children and their parents as part of the recent “Gib School Strike for Change” and “Parents for Future” the Ministry for Infrastructure & Planning is happy to provide walking and cycling distance information to pupils of the new Bayside & Westside Schools.

Our environment is of critical importance to our survival as a species and Gibraltar needs to play its part, no matter how small we may be as a nation.

During the, “Gib School Strike 4 Change” the leading child activist stated, “We need to protect our environment because this is the future on earth….I just feel that the Government owe it to us the children of Gibraltar to keep our future safe”.

Children are the future and their will should be done in this respect. Indeed, the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan is nothing more than an environmental document one that has seen many rebuke and battle against, yet with time, many have supported it, but it is right that emphasis must be made on the fact that we all have to row together in the same direction.

Government supports and encourages the raising of awareness and the more that people become part of this wish to change, the better this will be for all.

In view of the opening of the new comprehensive schools the Ministry for Infrastructure & Planning is providing a map for information purposes of the approximate walking and cycling times to and from the schools from most residential areas closest to the schools. 

Considering the time, it takes to walk compared to the time that one needs to wait in traffic while sitting in a car, it makes more sense all round to walk or cycle to keep fit, stay healthy, avoid traffic and do something positive for our environment.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Paul Balban said “Our environment is immensely important to us all and we all need to work together and be prepared to consider changes in the way that we go about our daily lives. Change is always difficult at first but doing even seemingly small things like walking or cycling to school can make a huge difference. I thank all those that help to raise awareness, together we can and will do big things.” 

How will you get to school tomorrow?