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Visit to soup kitchen at St Theresa’s Parish Church – 569/2021

By July 28, 2021 No Comments
569.6 2021

His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD visited the soup kitchen at St Theresa’s Parish Church. Never one to shy away from active participation or hard work, His Worship worked a Friday morning shift serving up portions to last the weekend alongside a team led by Monsignor Charles Azzopardi, known affectionately in the community as Father Charlie.

The food prepared was wholesome, filling and delicious, and of a quality that any home cook would be proud to serve their family. Apart from meals, extra groceries were also provided for those who needed them.

Working seamlessly, the team of volunteers have the cooking, serving and distribution down to a fine art. Recipients were treated with equal measures of efficiency, respect, discretion and good humour.

The free service benefits individuals and families who for a variety of reasons cannot afford to make ends meet. Thanks to this initiative, people can rest assured knowing they and their families will not go hungry.

Donations of ingredients from businesses and individuals, and the altruistic hard work and resourcefulness of Father Charlie and his volunteers make this possible.

His Worship was both humbled and uplifted by this experience and will return again to volunteer his services.

For more information on how to volunteer or donate, please contact Tel 200 47592 or email mayor@gibraltar.gov.gi