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Victory in Europe 1945 – Commemorations – 836/2020

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After successful completion of the Victory in Europe exhibition, that took place at the John Mackintosh Hall (JMH) from 1st to 30th October 2020, the exhibition now moves to its permanent home online. The exhibition is now fully accessible via the Gibraltar National Archives (GNA) Website www.nationalarchives.gi

75th Anniversary Online Exhibition

A total of ten new videos are now accessible via the GNA Website as follows:

           VE-Day Virtual Exhibition and Testimonials & War Poems (read by Anthony Adamberry)


The Victory in Europe Exhibition video [see point 1 below], consists of the complete exhibition set of images arranged in six photo-montage sections. These images were on public display at the John Mackintosh Hall during October 2020.

The Exhibition Sections

Section 1 – The Gathering Storm

Section 2 – Home Front & Defences

Section 3 – Underground City & Hospital

Section 4 – The Gibraltar Defence Force

Section 5 – Gibraltar Under Enemy Attack

Section 6 – Victory in Europe

A totat of three hundred and thirty-three captioned, dated, and numbered images were exhibited and now all of these are available online.

Through our captioned photo montages of the war, we aspire to draw you close, into another world… Outside of ours… Help you to imagine things that most would prefer not to imagine, or even consider imagining. To meditate on the unthinkable – so systematically and intentionally thought out.

The Day War Ended video [see point 2 below], includes War Poems read by Anthony Adamberry and testimonials by evacuees: Tito Benady, Louis Pereira, Cecil Gomez, Ana Lydia & Jack Armstrong.

  1. Victory in Europe – 75th Anniversary Exhibition Duration: 36:16             https://www.nationalarchives.gi/VictoryInEuropeExh.aspx
  2. The Day War Ended – Testimonials & War Poems Duration: 70:00             https://www.nationalarchives.gi/VictoryInEuropeExh.aspx

Lecture Series

The Victory in Europe, Lecture Series consists of eight new videos [3-10]. These are now available from the GNA Website. https://www.nationalarchives.gi/VE-LectureSeries.aspx

  1. Pete Jackson – A City Underground? Duration: 47:37
  2. Tito Vallejo –  Olterra, Trojan Horse Duration: 34:57
  3. Richard Garcia –  Keeping in Touch in Wartime Duration: 54:10
  4. Keith Sheriff – Prisoners of War Held at Gibraltar Duration: 41:33
  5. Tito Benady – Force H at Gibraltar Duration: 45:04
  6. Ian Reyes – Defending an Invasion Duration: 58:48
  7. Ian Balestrino – Air Raids On the Rock Duration: 61:46
  8. Geraldine Finlayson – Operation Tracer – Stay Behind Cave Duration: 49:32

All the lectures listed above, delivered at JMH during October 2020, were fully booked notwithstanding the current restrictions. The Victory in Europe Lecture Series proved so popular, that the GNA, has decided to run a new lecture series early next year.

The GNA, New Year Lecture Series will run at the Charles Hunt Room JMH from 18th January – 5th February 2021. The Lectures will be held on an annual basis starting next year.

Details will be announced soon.