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Vandalism in Gibraltar’s parks is unacceptable – 117/2022

By February 24, 2022 No Comments

The Department of the Environment is concerned over vandalism that has taken place in Gibraltar’s parks. Warmer days have seen an increase in park attendance for their enjoyment, as they have a lot to offer both adults and children, which is very welcome. Unfortunately, they have also attracted concerning behaviour from some, who have shown little respect for park rules by indiscriminately vandalising.

The Department has been informed of broken bollards, spoiled amenities, defaced walls and furniture, making our Parks unsightly and unsafe, especially for our children. This could sadly end in an accident and potential injury.

As Gibraltar moves into a warmer season, the public is reminded to uphold park rules and respect the public amenities available for the safe enjoyment of all. The park rules can be found on the Gibraltar Laws website via the link below. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.