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Upgraded Gov.gi eServices App launched for Tax and other services – 446/2023

By July 4, 2023 No Comments

The Government is pleased to announce significant improvements to the Tax eServices and the Gov.gi eServices App. These updates aim to streamline the tax submission process, enhance user experience, and consolidate all other eServices currently available on the Gov.gi portal into the updated Gov.gi eServices App.

The newly upgraded Tax eService has been designed to simplify tax submissions, making them more user friendly and efficient. One of the key enhancements is the system’s ability to retrieve information from previous tax submissions, automatically populating most of the content for user verification before submission. This feature eliminates the need for taxpayers to re-enter redundant information, saving valuable time and reducing potential error submission.

The tax return and claim allowance forms have now been merged into a single unified eService. This consolidation brings convenience and ease to taxpayers, providing them with the simplest tax return process to date. By integrating these forms, individuals can complete their tax obligations more efficiently and effectively.

Taxpayers will also be given the option to submit their tax return via email. A blank, editable PDF tax return is available on the Government website if taxpayers prefer to file their return via email instead of using Gov.gi eServices. The Income Tax Office will be emailing taxpayers directly with important guidance on how and when the tax return should be filed.

In addition to the enhancements made to the Tax eServices, the Gov.gi eServices App has been expanded to incorporate all other eServices currently available on the Gov.gi portal. This integration enables users to access a comprehensive range of Government eServices conveniently through a single application effortlessly from the palm of their hand.

The Commissioner of Income Tax, John Lester, said: “Simplifying the tax filing experience has always been among our top priorities and so we are very pleased that the improved Tax eServices provides a user-friendly and streamlined interface that allows taxpayers to file their returns with ease.”

Minister for Digital and Financial services, the Hon Albert Isola MP, said: “The enhanced Tax eServices and the updated Gov.gi eServices App are set to significantly improve and facilitate the way individuals interact with the Income Tax and other Government services. The Government remains committed to continuous improvement and technological advancement, with a focus on delivering citizen-centric solutions.”