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Update on water supply across Gibraltar – 546/2022

By August 3, 2022 No Comments

The Government has this morning been briefed on the latest situation regarding water supply across Gibraltar. The advice received from the technical experts at AquaGib is that the present situation is relatively stable with only two areas in Gibraltar remaining affected by water shortage issues as a result of low stock levels at the AquaGib reservoir. These areas continue to be The Sanctuary and the upper area of Gardiner’s Road.

Unfortunately, AquaGib experienced a significant leak in the area of the Red Sands. This resulted in widespread interruption across the AquaGib network for some time with the situation now stabilised across most of Gibraltar. However, there will continue to be interruption from the area of Alameda Estate to Trafalgar House whilst works are carried out to repair the affected pipe. Bowsers with potable water have been deployed to the affected areas.

The potable water being imported by trucks from Spain is continuing to assist AquaGib’s efforts in restoring and maintaining water supply throughout its network. Yesterday, 600,000 litres of potable water was imported from Spain for this purpose and this will continue today with over 250,000 litres already imported as of midday today.

The advice from AquaGib remains that we will continue to encounter fluctuations in water pressure throughout Gibraltar until the reservoirs are replenished with lost stocks. AquaGib continue to advise that we should proceed with water restrictions across Gibraltar from 11pm tonight to 7am tomorrow morning as this is critical in expediting the replenishment of stocks at their reservoirs. The Government will review this measure on a daily basis.

Restrictions will also continue in place regarding non-essential water usage. Members of the public are strongly urged to continue to be conservative with their water usage to ensure that, whilst stocks are replenished at the AquaGib reservoirs over coming days, there are as few fluctuations to water pressure as possible.

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group dealing with water disruption is being held this evening.