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Update on water disruption across Gibraltar – 530/2022

By July 31, 2022 No Comments


The Strategic Coordinating Group has met at No.6 Convent Place this Sunday evening. The Government has been updated by AquaGib on the progress being made to ensure a return of potable water to the affected parts of Gibraltar.


Water pressure has been resumed to most areas, unfortunately the pressure has not allowed the provision of running water at the lower south district and parts of the upper town.


AquaGib have been undertaking scoping works over recent days to determine the options available to restore pressure to the lower South District area. With the assistance of the MOD’s water section, AquaGib are currently creating an interconnection between both AquaGib and MOD networks in the area of South Barrack Road which will assist in mitigating the current problem we are experiencing with water pressure in the lower South District. This will mean that, all going well, water is expected to return to the majority of this area some time tomorrow.


The Government is aware that, in addition to the lower South District, there are parts of the Upper Town which are also without any potable water. This is due to the very low stock levels in the AquaGib reservoirs.


At this stage, the advice the Government has is that it is unclear how long it will take to replenish these stock levels. However, a number of operations continue underway to assist the build-up of stocks. Sixteen water tankers had arrived from Spain by the time of the meeting with three more on the way. This means a total of 475,000 litres will have been supplied at Hesse’s pumping station by the end of this operation at some point today.


Given that stock levels will be very much demand led, it is particularly important that although potable water is available, the public continue to use it sparingly and only as essential in order that water pressure can be restored to all of Gibraltar.