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UK/EU Treaty: Meeting on future relationship in Brussels on Monday – 739/20201

By October 11, 2021 No Comments

The formal work on a treaty between the United Kingdom and the European Union to govern the future relationship of Gibraltar with the EU will start in Brussels on Monday.

This will be a technical meeting of officials from the United Kingdom, together with officials from Gibraltar, on the one hand, and officials from the European Union on the other.

It is not envisaged that there will be political discussions at this stage.

The UK and Gibraltar governments are working very closely together and Gibraltar will continue to be fully involved in all aspects of the negotiation.

The Attorney General Michael Llamas QC will be in the negotiation, supported by the Director of Gibraltar House in Brussels Daniel D’Amato.

The meeting on Monday marks the commencement of the process and is expected to set out technical questions and allocation of work-streams and other issues.

It is the consequence of the political framework agreed to by the Gibraltar Government at the end of last year which provides the political balance already struck between the Governments of the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Spain.

It will be recalled that the Government of Gibraltar was also fully involved in the negotiations which led to Gibraltar’s inclusion in the Withdrawal Treaty and later in the New Year’s Eve Agreement.

This is the framework for our future relationship with the European Union as already pre-agreed by Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The Government of Gibraltar remains fully committed to an outcome which is based on the New Year’s Eve Agreement.

The start of the formal process means that there will be ongoing contact between all relevant parties at all levels.