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TSD advises regular maintenance of pipage systems – 910/2022

By December 6, 2022 No Comments

HMGoG, on the advice of Technical Services Department, would like to remind the public that they are responsible for the regular maintenance of their private drainage systems.

There have been various instances highlighted as the fault of HMGoG on social media in the last 24 hours, but upon inspection and assessment Technical Services have found that certain individual properties havesuffered flooding and damage due to drainage pipes being almost completely blocked with general sewage waste and leaving next to no flow capacity in their lines. This is the legal responsibility of the property owner and NOT the Government.  This maintenance must be carried out by the property owner on a timely and regular basis.

HMGoG advises all members of the public with patios and outdoor spaces to check their drainage ahead of the rainy season in order to avoid eventualities seen in the last 24 hours.