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Trees to be Relocated from School – 101/2020

By February 19, 2020 No Comments

The Department of Environment, Heritage and Climate Change has been working over the past few months to ensure that the trees at the site of the former Westside School, which will be the site of Chatham Views housing, are either moved or replaced so that there is no net loss.

All the trees have been duly assessed and a decision taken as to whether they can be transplanted elsewhere or will be replaced as part of the new development. 

Most (38) of these trees will in fact be relocated and replanted at suitable identified locations around Gibraltar.  Six trees will be retained at their present location. Those few trees (9) that cannot be moved due to size or condition have been suitably replaced by new specimens in the development’s landscaping design.  Chatham Views landscaping plans will include 6 large trees, 47 medium sized trees and 889 shrubs.

For any other information, please contact the Department of Environment, Heritage and Climate Change on Tel: 20044103 or email: info.environment@gibraltar.gov.gi.