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Transparent GSD tactics continue – 351/2023

By June 1, 2023 No Comments

The Government deeply regrets the transparent Opposition tactic of conducting politics by casting aspersions and questioning the integrity of individuals. The conduct of politics by rumour and innuendo is proof enough that they have run out of arguments.

As previously explained in recent exchanges, the former Deputy Governor is an extremely experienced individual, with the knowledge to advise on the modernisation of the civil service, which will ultimately result in improved working conditions for public servants.

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said:

“I support the Chief Secretary working with Mr Pyle’s to advance and modernise the civil service and the public service to the highest standards.

The GSD has obviously failed to understand how Mr Pyle’s experience and knowledge, not only on civil service matters, but Gibraltar in particular, will only be beneficial for the entire working force in the public service.

Mr Pyle will not be paid more than the Chief Secretary or anything near that, and the suggestion otherwise by Mr Azopardi is a bare faced lie. Elections cannot be won with lies. The public does not trust politicians who lie like Mr Azopardi has lied.

I am frankly disgusted by Mr Azopardi saying this is all somehow just “to keep Mr Pyle sweet” during the McGrail Inquiry. That is an insult to Mr Pyle, to the Chief Secretary and to the Inquiry. It deprecates the integrity of all parties just because Mr Azopardi says so. Its the lowest politics at his disposal and he has opted to pursue it.

For as long as Mr Azopardi continues to make these detrimental remarks against those employed in the civil service, it is clear that he is not ready to support things which are good for Gibraltar. Not ready for Government. Not ready to lead our nation.”