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Transformative Change in Enhancing Lives of Adults with Learning Disabilities – 613/2023

By September 8, 2023 No Comments

The Care Agency’s Learning Disability Services’ Dr Giraldi Home and flats in the community, the pioneering Residential Services dedicated to supporting adults with learning disabilities, is celebrating 30 years of extraordinary progress, with the most significant transformations occurring over the past five years. This remarkable journey has not only been about providing residential care but also about empowering people with learning disabilities to lead fulfilling, independent lives.

Over the past three decades, Residential Services has been committed to promoting positive changes in the lives of People with Learning Disabilities (PLD). The latest developments have seen the organisation forging strong links with the Ministry of Equality since it was established, working diligently in alignment with their vision to enhance the quality of life and independence of PLD. This collaborative working focuses on aligning policies, advocating for PLDs’ rights, sharing resources, and jointly promoting PLDs’ full participation in society, ensuring equitable treatment and opportunities for all.

Key highlights of the service’s evolution include the introduction of new residential flats in the community. These additions have significantly expanded Residential Services, from just a couple of flats to an impressive 23 flats, which house 37 service users. This expansion reflects the growing demand for high-quality residential services for PLD. The faith and support from the local community have been instrumental in driving these developments forward, serving as a testament to Residential Services’ commitment to inclusivity and its mission to meet the ever-increasing demand for such essential services.

The Care Agency is also thrilled to announce that LD Services has recently acquired and successfully refurbished a new premises consisting of several bedrooms, designed to enhance the well-being of residents. The space has been thoughtfully transformed into a light and airy environment, nurturing a homely sense of comfort and tranquillity. With a focus on sensory experiences, we have introduced various sensory items throughout the home. Moreover, we are excited to share our plans to create a stunning sensory garden. This will provide residents with an outdoor therapeutic and engaging environment that stimulates their senses, promotes relaxation, and supports their cognitive, emotional, and sensory integration needs, as well as, of course, it being entirely accessible.

As the service reaches this milestone, it remains dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional care and support to PLD. The Care Agency’s ongoing commitment to its residents, its collaboration with the Ministry of Equality, and its alignment with international conventions continue to shape the lives of PLD for the better.