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Training to the Parole Board – 761/2020

By October 30, 2020 No Comments

Following an initiative by the Minister for Justice, members of the Parole Board have undertaken an intensive two-day course on risk assessment and risk management of offenders. The training was delivered by UK based Leonard Consultancy who have previously provided training to other agencies in Gibraltar on risk management. This course included an examination of the areas they need to consider in terms of risk when undertaking the duties of the Parole Board, how such risk is evidenced and how it may be mitigated. The course also looked at how personal biases could potentially impact decision making processes and the importance of focusing on the facts and evidence.

An afternoon session, which included presentations by local professionals included the Probation Service, Mental Health Services from GHA, Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation Service and the Multi- Agency Public Protection Arrangements team gave an insight into the risk assessments and recommendations they undertake when dealing with offenders and the reports that they provide to the Parole Board.

The Chairman of the Parole Board, Mr Joseph Baldacchino said “the Board is delighted to have attended these sessions and wants to thank Marcella Leonard for coming to Gibraltar and indeed the Minister for Justice for organising this training. The insight on the subject of Forensic Psychiatry was particularly beneficial for the parole members attending”.

The Minister for Justice, Samantha Sacramento MP, said: “This training package was commissioned early this year and is the first of its kind received by the Parole Board in Gibraltar. I felt that it was important that members felt supported by this type of learning when discharging their serious and onerous duties. I am grateful that members of the Parole Board, who undertake this vital role on a voluntary basis, have been able to take time from their schedules to take part in this important training. I am also extremely grateful to Leonard Consultancy and, in particular, to Marcella Leonard for creating and leading this bespoke course. I am sure that the knowledge and skills acquired by the Parole Board as a result of this will be of great value to them.”