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Training on Domestic Abuse Continues – 409/2023

By June 21, 2023 No Comments

The Royal Gibraltar Police, Department of Education and Care Agency, as part of the domestic Abuse partnership have commenced a series of multi-agency training for the implementation of Operation Encompass in line with the Government’s National Domestic Abuse Strategy, that is being led by the Ministry of Justice.

Operation Encompass is an early information sharing partnership that enables schools to offer immediate support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Training was delivered in November by the UK based Operation Encompass team to key Department of Education staff and RGP staff. Further training has since been delivered over the past few months by Ms Jackie Linares, Education Advisor, Sgt Mary De Santos and Sgt Jo Ullger, Royal Gibraltar Police. Five training events have taken place with all schools, including private schools. The training sessions has been very well received and included Police officers and Teachers learning about the process together, developing strong working relationships, and sharing experiences and examples of best practice. The interaction and learning from each other has been significant and will be of great benefit to vulnerable children.

The harm caused to children by living in a home where there is Domestic Abuse cannot be underestimated, but early intervention through Operation Encompass can help to mitigate this harm. This is already in place in every police force in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

This training will equip the Education department and Royal Gibraltar Police with the knowledge to ensure that systems are in place to best support children exposed to domestic abuse incidents.

The bespoke training has been organised so that every teacher, social worker and RGP officer who will attend this training can fully understand the impact of domestic abuse on children and explore the ways in which school staff can support a child.

Once commenced through the Domestic Abuse Act, RGP officers attending domestic abuse incidents will share information about the incident with the school before the start of the next school day. This will mean that appropriate support can be given to a child at the earliest possible opportunity.

The Minister of Justice, the Hon Samantha Sacramento who is leading the Strategy, stated: “The implementation of Operation encompass is such an important part of the domestic Abuse Strategy. Being able to share information and ensure children are supported in school if they live in a home where domestic abuse has occurred is key to ensuring they grow up knowing that the social guardians in Gibraltar care about them. I am grateful to the staff from RGP and the Department of Education for embracing this initiative with enthusiasm and professionalism. Children are our future and we must do everything we can to support them, whilst we concentrate on eradicating domestic abuse from our society”