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Tower of Homage Works – 884/2022

By November 30, 2022 No Comments

The Ministry for Heritage has recently undertaken a programme of works to remove vegetation from all four facades of the Tower of Homage.

Damage may be caused by trees and larger shrubs in various ways, especially with root action on walls.  It is therefore important that they are removed.  As the vegetation was at considerable height, the process required specialist work with a team needing to abseil over the façade in order to remove all visible vegetation.  A specific combination of herbicides was also used in order to kill off any remaining roots.

The work was undertaken by SKA Access under the supervision of the Ministry for Heritage and the Gibraltar National Museum Restorer.

The Minister for Heritage, the Hon Prof. John Cortes, said; “There are a substantial number of heritage assets that have been afforded protection in law, none more emblematic than the Tower of Homage and this is a further example of the importance that Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar places on our heritage. My Ministry is constantly engaged in ensuring that our prized City walls and fortifications are looked after, for they are intertwined with our social fabric and remind us of our many struggles in the past.  They also act as a window to the world that our many visitors to Gibraltar can enjoy.”