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Threat Level for Gibraltar Remains at MODERATE – 283/2022

By April 22, 2022 No Comments

A meeting of the Gibraltar Contingency Council (GCC), took place on the 20th April 2022, to review security and civil contingency matters. The meeting was co-chaired by His Excellency the Governor and the Deputy Chief Minister. Among a range of issues disussed, the GCC also addressed the developments in Ukraine and the measures that the Government has implemented in terms of sanctions against Russia and support to refugees from Ukraine.

The GCC concluded that the threat level should remain at MODERATE, with a terrorist attack being possible but not likely. The GCC also noted the advice that the Government issued in February 2022 alerting both individuals and organisations to an increased risk of cyber interference following Russia’s attack on Ukraine. While the GCC is not aware of any current specific threats to Gibraltar, organisations and the public are strongly encouraged to follow the guidance issued by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre to reduce the risk of falling victim to a cyber attack. Detailed guidance can be found on https://ncsc.gov.uk.

The GCC will continue to closely monitor threat intelligence as it relates to Gibraltar, and Gibraltar’s Law Enforcement Agencies will continue to take the necessary measures to keep the Public safe.

As ever, the Public is asked to remain vigilant and to report any security and law enforcements concerns to the Royal Gibraltar Police.