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The prioritisation for the COVID-19 vaccine has not changed – 100/2021

By January 29, 2021 No Comments

The prioritisation for the Covid-19 vaccine in Gibraltar has not changed since the start of the programme.

Initially, people over 70, younger people who were very clinically vulnerable, residents and staff of ERS, and health and care staff were vaccinated. Appropriate in-patients in St Bernard’s and Ocean Views were also vaccinated in this cohort.

Once this group had been completed, the vaccination programme started to vaccinate people over 60, other people who are at higher risk due to their clinical condition who had been identified by Consultants/GPs, along with other key workers.

The rationale for this phase of the Key Worker vaccination programme has three components. Firstly, to protect individuals themselves from COVID-19. For example, where people are in jobs that require them to interact with many people on a regular basis. Secondly, to prevent key workers who are interacting with the public or other key workers from passing on the virus and finally to ensure continuity of essential services by reducing the likelihood of people going off sick with COVID-19 or having to self-isolate.

There is no question of anyone being escalated outside of the priority criteria set.  The reality is that we have already vaccinated a wide section of our community because they fall into these categories.