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The GSD are the only ones harming Gibraltar’s tourist reputation – 567/2023

By August 25, 2023 No Comments

Once again, the GSD’s self-appointed spokesperson for everything Damon Bossino, has hit out at Gibraltar’s tourist offering by complaining of what he, in his inexpert opinion, considers ‘an infestation’ of cockroaches and rats.

Before spewing rubbish of his own, Mr Bossino should himself display some civic pride and consult the experts on the matter.

The Environmental Agency are responsible for pest control on Government land and property. Whilst in in 2022 the Agency responded to 733 pest control related complaints, so far in 2023 the Agency has responded to 559 pest control complaints. This is hardly evidence of ‘an infestation’; quite the opposite!

Mr Bossino should also consult the GBC report conducted in Main Street in response to his own imagined infestation, in which a tourist questioned answered with: “I think it looks fantastic, I think it looks great.”

It is a fact that pests such as cockroaches, rats and mice are found all over the world and Gibraltar is no exemption where the typical pests are the American cockroach, German cockroach, brown rat and black rat. The Environmental Agency normally observes an increase in rodent and insect activity in early spring with the warming weather. This increases progressively and peaks in August. This increase is likely associated with the lack of availability of water sources. Food provides some moisture but with higher temperatures pests seek moisture, which could lead them to become bolder and results in more sightings in areas or at times that they are not normally seen.

The Environmental Agency responds to all pest complaints originating from Government land or property, offers an after-hours emergency service and has a continuous program of carrying out sewer treatments across Gibraltar for cockroaches and rodents by using approved rodenticides and pesticides. These treatments are carried out on streets such as in the City Centre, Government-owned buildings, residential estates and other public places. 

The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Prof John Cortes, said: ‘For at least the second time this week, it is Damon Bossino and the GSD that seek to do harm to Gibraltar’s tourism reputation by spewing their own rubbish before simply finding out the facts. On the contrary to Mr Bossino’s imaginary ‘infestation’, the Environmental Agency have reported a reduction in pest related complaints this year compared to last. It is also a fact that Gibraltar has a fantastic Mediterranean climate, which like all other Mediterranean climates, has unfortunate side-effects. The Environmental Agency, however, do a fantastic job not only in responding to complaints but in taking proactive prevention measures also. Blundering Bossino has got it wrong, again.”