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The GHA welcomes ‘Paul’; the World’s First High Emotion, Pre-Term Baby Simulator – 493/2020

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493.4 2020


The Gibraltar Health Authority is extremely grateful to the Kusuma Trust for the donation of ‘Paul’ to St Bernard’s Hospital.

Paul is the smallest and most advanced, high-end patient simulator in the world. He can be used to train in various emergency situations that occur daily in hospitals that provide pre-term care. Paul has the potential to evoke genuine emotions in those that train with him, which means that a very realistic scenario arises and the training yields more successful results among the clinical personnel.

‘Paul’ was designed by an incredible team of leading experts in neonatology, education, simulation, engineering, software development, and movie special effects – all of whom shared the same goal, that of creating a premature simulator so realistic, that it went beyond high fidelity to High Emotion.

1 in 10 infants are born premature, and the provision of high quality care for a pre-term baby is a uniquely complex and time-sensitive process, which is extremely challenging for inter-professional neonatal healthcare teams. Simulation is fast becoming the modern way to educate and train healthcare professionals because it allows for the safe, high-stakes practice of behavioural, cognitive and technical skills.

In addition to the extremely life-like anatomy on the outside, Paul is full of high-tech  on  the inside. There are only a few “Pauls” in the world, and the demand is very high. The GHA is very fortunate to have this extraordinary simulator which has been possible due to the overwhelming generosity of the Kusuma Trust.

Paul was presented to the Minister for Health and Care by Dr Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee of the Kusuma Trust, accompanied by Michelle Tosso, Country Manager. Also in attendance were GHA Paediatric Consultants Dr Lorena Soler Casale and Dr Monserrat Doukrou.

Dr Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee of Kusuma Trust Gibraltar commented; “the commitment of GHA members towards professional development and patient care is impressive. Even so, seeing a premature baby in distress can be nerve-wracking without sufficient experience and training. Baby Paul, a life-like and high-tech baby simulator will be used to deliver regular training so that when such young residents of Gibraltar arrive in this world, they can be given the best possible chance at life by well-trained, confident healthcare professionals. We are delighted to partner with the GHA to make this happen.”


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Reflecting on the presentation, the Minister for Health and Care, the Hon. Paul Balban said: “It is a real privilege to have Baby Paul in Gibraltar. This was possible due to the kind and unwavering generosity of Kusuma Trust for which our community is very grateful. I have no doubt that this highly coveted and sophisticated training tool will greatly enhance the skillsets of those involved in neonatal care. I would also like to thank our Paediatric team for their dedication and enthusiasm.”


Note to editors

More details of Paul can be found at: https://simcharacters.com/hello_paul