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Temporary Reverse Osmosis Plant now fully operational – 574/2022

By August 18, 2022 No Comments

The Government was this morning briefed by the Strategic Coordinating Group on the latest position regarding the levels of water in our reservoirs. AquaGib have advised that the commissioning of the new temporary Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant was delayed by approximately 24 hours due to certain technical difficulties, with this affecting stock level growth over the period. This temporary RO plant is now fully operational and producing at maximum capacity.

The professional advice from AquaGib is to continue with the current restrictions for high consumers for the coming days to ensure our reservoirs can reach the required stock levels needed to provide resilience.

Unfortunately, AquaGib have informed the Government that they have discovered and reported breaches in the restrictions imposed by Government from some high consumers which are currently being fully investigated.

A further Strategic Coordinating Group meeting has been scheduled for Friday morning, after which the Government expects to be in a clearer position to advise on potential relaxation of remaining restrictions.