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Tax Returns – Online and in paper format – 716/2021

By October 5, 2021 No Comments

The Income Tax Office (ITO) in its drive to simplify its processes has now amalgamated its forms for PAYE (IT1P) and self-employed (IT1S) into a single form for both PAYE and Self Employed tax payers to use which is now the new “IT1” form. This form for 2021/2 is indeed online and those tax payers that are unable to use eServices are able to download the form and submit it to the ITO by email. The form is being moved to a more prominent position on the Tax Office website.

Tax returns for 2021/22 can now be submitted;

  1. Online using eServices
  2. Online using eServices with the help and support of the team at the eServices Hub (323 Main Street)
  3. By downloading the new IT1 paper form and submitting by email or mail

People and businesses continue to respond to the ability to use eServices as more and more of these services are made available online. At today’s date, some 12,924 registrations have taken place for General eServices and a further 1,413 are pending verification. In respect of Tax, which requires additional verification for security reasons some 2030 have registered and some 55 are pending verification.

A promotional campaign asking tax payers to avail themselves of the eServices portal for their tax returns has gone live and the service is the result of the work put in by the Income Tax Office, ITLD and the Digital Services team. Each of these Departments continues to work to simplify processes but without compromising on the steps required for security reasons to verify the identity of the users.

It really is time the GSD opposition stopped jumping on bandwagons and appreciated the seriousness of the work being undertaken to improve the services being offered to the public.