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Sunshine Sessions – 506/2021

By July 6, 2021 No Comments
506.1 2021


Children, parents and organisers recently celebrated the end of the first set of Sunshine Bereavement Group sessions.


Three months ago, in liaison with the Department of Education, Carla Cardwell Borastero embarked on her vision to provide a forum for children age 4-11, to work through grief due to bereavement, in a co-supportive, safe, structured and happy environment.


Parents have been extremely grateful for the six week program delivered by Carla, and ably supported by Giselle Isherwood and 15 year old Melanie Cardwell, who has used her own personal experiences to give ideas and support the younger children.


The final session celebrated the achievements and progress that parents have noted and this was certainly reflected in the happy faces of the children who have thrived throughout this programme.


Carla is very grateful for the support from Jackie Linares in the Department of Education, the staff at the TLC, to Paper Cloud for its sponsorship and Piece of Cake for generous cake donations.


Sunshine sessions will continue with a new group of children in September. Information will again be posted on schools electronic platforms or parents can email Sunshinesessionsgib@outlook.com.