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STTPP – SUSPENSION of Main Street & Irish Town Cycle Lane – Pilot Scheme – 123/2020

By February 27, 2020 No Comments

The Ministry for Business, Tourism and Transport, wishes to announce the suspension of the Main Street & Irish Town Pilot Cycle Lane as from 31 March 2020. The suspension follows on from the advice received by the Office of the Transport Planner and thorough stakeholder consultation and feedback received from Technical Officials, local enforcement authorities and Non-Government Organisations.

At the time of commencement in 2018, the Pilot Scheme set out to continue to monitor and evaluate the general functionality and operational times of this first ever dedicated cycle lane in the heart of our town.  The aim of this scheme, which was in keeping with the recommendations of the STTPP, was to attempt to provide safe dedicated passage for cyclists through Main Street and Irish Town.

On the advice received and the continued monitoring phases of STTPP, post-scheme evaluation assessments indicate that the operational hours should not be extended through day-time hours in view of our heavy volumes of pedestrian traffic throughout the day. Through objective monitoring, research also shows low volumes of cycling traffic during the actual operational hours (7:00 pm -9:15 am), whilst reports indicate frequent offenders during unpermitted day time hours. Additionally and following tourism and passenger arrival statistics throughout the last 10 years, forecasts suggest that volumes of pedestrians are likely to continue to grow, therefore indicating that cyclists would in any event take to less congested roads and thoroughfares even in the event that Main Street & Irish Town operational hours were extended.

HM GoG continues to consider the roll out of segregated cycle lanes as part of its Manifesto commitment to provide safe segregated routes for cyclists. The Government is working with its Officials in pursuing a credible and comprehensive plan to deliver cycle routes that enhance journeys and connect areas of importance to cyclists that are not at conflict with pedestrians and motor vehicles. This forms part of HM GoG’s continued commitment to enhance road and street infrastructure to move Gibraltar towards more sustainable travel and transport practices; objective practices, that aim to enhance air quality and improve health and wellbeing.

 The Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport, the Hon Vijay Daryanani said:

As I have expressed publicly the STTPP is a living document that will evolve with time. The learning curve is by no way complete and as part of this learning curve, pilot initiatives such as the Main Street and Irish Town cycle lanes are now being reviewed accordingly. In considering the volume of pedestrians in the area it would not be viable to extend the hours of use. Furthermore after having considered the limited use over the actual operational hours, this pilot initiative will be suspended as from 31 March 2020.