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STTPP – Residential Parking Scheme – Zones 1 & 2 Changes – 56/2022

By January 27, 2022 No Comments

The Ministry of Transport is pleased to announce alterations to the existing parking arrangements within Grand Parade Car Park. This follows an active consultation process with the main stakeholders in the Residential Parking Scheme (RPS) Zone 1, namely the Alameda Estate Tenants Association and residents contained within the RPS Zone 2.  This is part of the recommendations contained within the Sustainable, Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan (STTPP).

The parking stock for permit holders within RPS Zone 1 was increased in July 2020 from 127 to 211, which was well received by residents increasing their chance to find on-street parking in the area.

Since the release of RPS Zone 2, parking stock within the Town Centre zone has been reduced due to ongoing works, specifically in the southern part of this parking scheme. To mitigate this issue the north-eastern section of Grand Parade Car Park will be allocated to RPS Zone 2 permit holders only, with line painting designating ‘ZONE 2’ on the ground and signs to be erected to effectively differentiate between the parking arrangements within the car park. These works will be implemented shortly.

As with the RPS Zones 1, 2, 3 and the newly announced Zone 4, changes of this nature will continue to be monitored and reviewed, and their parking take up to be evaluated with the aim to provide more efficient use to the existing parking stock within the car park and within zones.

The Minister for Transport, the Hon Paul Balban said: “Since the launch of the residential parking schemes in 2017, Gibraltar and the needs of residents has drastically changed, so it is paramount to undertake periodic reviews of all existing zones to determine the best configurations possible to effectively continue with the success of these schemes. I am pleased that my Ministry is maintaining constant contact with the main stakeholders of these zones as their feedback is vital to improve and enhance the zones which they live or work in.”