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STTPP –Residential Parking Scheme Zone 4 – Commencement of Zone and Amnesty Period – 196/2022

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Following the launch of the Residential Parking Scheme (RPS) Zone 4 on 24 January 2022, HM Government of Gibraltar wishes to inform the public this new zone in the West District will begin as from Monday 28 March 2022. All associated works to demarcate this new zone are now complete.

An amnesty period will commence from Monday 4 April up to Monday 2 May to allow residents and users of the zone to adjust to the new parking arrangements. As from Tuesday 3 May, vehicles without their RPS Zone 4 permit will be liable to be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). The implementation of designated residential parking zones aims to provide residents of the area with an improved chance of parking whilst still supporting the needs of visitors and commercial activity in those areas through part time parking that are evenly distributed throughout the zone.

Residents within the defined zone who require a permit are strongly encouraged to apply without delay. The process to obtain a permit from the application date takes 4 WEEKS, as the vetting process to crosscheck the applicant involves verifying the person is not in arrears or debt with any Government Department or agency, they reside within the zone applied for and the motor vehicle is registered to the listed property.

Application forms have been available since the launch date on 24 January 2022 through the offices of Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd. Eligible applicants will need to provide proof of residence within the Zone, a valid MOT certificate (if applicable) and the Certificate of Vehicle Registration (Logbook), together with proof of identity.

The success of the RPS will rely on effective parking enforcement and will be regularly patrolled by Parking Management Officers (PMO’s). The Residential Parking Scheme will also indirectly tackle the issue of derelict vehicles on the public highway in view of scheduled, regular street cleaning campaigns, which will result in better management of existing on-street parking stock.

Further information on how Residential Parking Scheme Zone 4 will operate is provided within an information booklet, which is available online via the HM Government of Gibraltar (https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/transport-traffic-and-technical-services/parking) and the Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd (https://www.gibcarparks.com/) websites. The application form for Resident’s Parking Permits can also be submitted online via the Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd website, or alternatively the form may be submitted to Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd offices at 7B Admiral Rooke Road.

Zone 4, similar to previously launched zones, will be regularly monitored to see how it performs. The intention of the RPS is to make the lives of residents easier with respect to increasing their chances of finding a parking closer to home while at the same time trying to accommodate visitors and commercial vehicles, who also need to access the same.

The Residential Parking Schemes are not set in stone, and they could be subject to modifications in time, when residents and stakeholders are engaged post-launch. The public are therefore invited to submit their comments and feedback of this new zone via MT@gibraltar.gov.gi.