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Statement on FC Prishtina – 552/2020

By August 18, 2020 No Comments

HM Government of Gibraltar can confirm that 7 players from a visiting team have tested positive today for COVID-19.

UEFA Protocols dictate that teams need to be tested and present a valid certificate with details of the negative outcomes for the travelling party 3 days before leaving their country of origin.

Both teams that have arrived in Gibraltar were tested on the airport on arrival and were under strict instructions to isolate until the local tests were returned. FC Prishtina trained last night as they had provided a negative test certificate from their country of origin and even then this was under strict restrictions.  They were collected from their hotel, bussed to the stadium and trained with the same methodology in reverse.  They did not interact with anyone and were not allowed to use any facilities such as changing rooms.  Irrespective of this the subs benches and goals and any other possible source of contamination were sanitised directly after. Following this they continued to be under strict instructions to stay in their hotel and within their bubble when dining.

The terms of the permits to allow the fixtures to be played locally dictated all of the above.

They have not attended the facility today and were waiting for transport to the match, pending the test results. Upon notification that some results were positive for COVID-19 they were instructed to remain in the hotel.

The match was cancelled and they have subsequently been transported to the airport and they are to leave Gibraltar as soon as reasonable possible on their charter flight.

The Contact Tracing Bureau and Office of Civil Contingences are now collating information to determine the extent of local contact in relation to contact tracing.