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Statement by Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP – 202/2023

By April 4, 2023 No Comments

This statement is made by The Hon. Fabian Picardo KC MP.

In March 2022 statements were made by Mr Picardo and the Hon. Marlene Hassan-Nahon in relation to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Ms Hassan-Nahon asked for clarification from Mr Picardo of any business dealings he, or other members of the Parliament who practised law, might have had in legal practice with parties related to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.

Mr Picardo asked in a GBC interview and in a Government of Gibraltar press release about Ms Hassan-Nahon’s time as a junior banker in London.

In order to avoid any suggestion that the statement made by Mr Picardo could be defamatory of Ms Hassan-Nahon, Mr Picardo wishes to clarify that he did not mean, nor should he be understood to have meant, that Ms Hassan-Nahon was involved in any illicit activity including arms dealing. By the same token, in order to avoid any suggestion that the statement made by Ms Hassan-Nahon could be defamatory of Mr Picardo, Mr Picardo in turn acknowledges that Ms Hassan-Nahon did not, in seeking clarification from Mr Picardo intend to mean, nor should it be understood to have meant, that Mr Picardo had any business dealingss, in his legal practice or otherwise, with any parties related to Vladimir Putin or his government.

Further, having now had a chance to discuss matters privately, Mr Picardo fully accepts that any involvement Ms Hassan-Nahon may have had in the legitimate transactions she has previously made reference to during her time in Riggs Bank, was entirely within the proper course of her employment as a junior banker.

Mr Picardo and Ms Hassan-Nahon will make no further commentary or reference to the matters contained herein.