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St. Paul’s School – The Coronation of his Majesty King Charles III – 286/2023

By May 10, 2023 No Comments

The children at St. Paul’s School enjoyed a full week of activities linked to the King’s Coronation celebrations.

On Tuesday morning the children were presented with a problem from His Majesty King Charles III – his Coronation crown was missing its jewels! In order to be crowned on Saturday The King needed his crown, so the children were tasked with the special job to find the missing jewels.

With a view to make this event come to life, the school was transformed into important London landmarks. On Thursday the children arrived at school with their luggage to board ‘St. Paul’s Airways’ and travel to London to search for the jewels.

During the course of the day, the children had the opportunity to travel around the school to the different London landmarks which included, St. James’s Park, London Bridge, The British Library and The British Museum, via the London Bus or London Underground from Paddington Station. The children had a magical day searching for the crown jewels. Tea and scones were enjoyed by the children and their loved ones who were invited after school to attend ‘Tea at St. James’s Park’ to mark this special occasion.

On Friday, His Worship the Mayor visited the school to collect the finished crown and take it to Westminster Abbey in time for the Coronation. The Mayor of Gibraltar kindly gifted all the children with a cookie as a special thank you for all their efforts.

The school would like to express their sincerest thanks to Gibraltar Borders and Coastguard Agency for manning the security checks at ‘St. Paul’s Airport’, His Worship the Mayor and the children’s loved ones in helping to make this event memorable for all the children.