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Software failure results in temporary closure of southbound bore at Kingsway – 217/2023

By April 6, 2023 No Comments

Last night at 2332hrs the Tunnel Safety Systems on the southbound bore at Kingsway experienced a software failure.

As a result, the barriers on the southbound bore closed automatically as a safety measure, denying access to vehicles travelling from Eastgate towards Devil’s Tower Road.

The northbound bore remained open to vehicular traffic throughout. The pedestrian subway was also unaffected.

The Government understands that the Royal Gibraltar Police requested that the MoD temporarily open the runway crossing at Winston Churchill Avenue to southbound vehicular traffic, as a contingency measure to minimise the disruption to traffic flow whilst the issues affecting the Tunnel Safety Systems were investigated, and given there were no flights operating at that time.

Specialist technicians and staff were immediately deployed by the Tunnel Control Room to resolve the issue and the southbound bore was reopened at 0025. The runway crossing at Winston Churchill Avenue was again closed to vehicular traffic shortly afterwards.

Kingsway is under constant, 24-hour surveillance by the Tunnel Control Room, and its staff are specifically trained to manage any issues that may arise.