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SNAG’s shameful political hypocrisy is clear to see – 528/2023

By August 4, 2023 No Comments

His Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar has already made it clear that it will not be making any further comment on its policy of supported employment, which for the first time in 2012 and every year since, has enabled members of our community who otherwise would not be able to find employment to work and contribute in an inclusive and supportive environment. The Government reiterates that this is something to be proud of.

SNAG’s insistence on distorting this reality smacks of political hypocrisy that the public will see clearly. In the Government’s view, SNAG’s founder, an Executive Member of the GSD, is making a very thinly veiled attempt to exploit vulnerable members of our community and their families as political tools for political gain. The Government will therefore not engage with SNAG in an argument which SNAG is looking to create for this purpose.

If SNAG are genuine in their arguments, the Government recommends that they reconsider their own political affiliation to an Opposition party of which a fellow Executive Member made abhorrent and denigrating remarks publicly, on social media, against the Minister for Economic Development that were simultaneously ageist and ableist and which the Government does not consider appropriate to repeat.