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Several meetings held between Care Agency and Gibraltar Disability Society – 438/2021

By June 4, 2021 No Comments

Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar notes the latest press release issued by the Gibraltar Disability Society. In that statement, the society states that it was not consulted on the decision to replace those on fixed term contracts.

The information provided to the Government is that various meetings were held between the Gibraltar Disability Society and the Head of the Care Agency. In all of those meetings the issue in questions was raised and discussed; that is the consultation that the Government is referring to.  The Government has not alleged, neither does it impute to the Disability Society, any agreement in this respect, only that they were consulted and advised of the Government’s views and position. 

The position of the Gibraltar Government is clear. HMGOG believes that this decision which has been carefully planned since the start of the year, is in the interest of service users and will result in a more specially qualified work force who are highly trained by the Care Agency in areas that relate to learning disabilities specifically.

Finally, HMGOG has always worked very closely with the Gibraltar Disability Society over the years and will continue to do so on issues which may impact their members. However, the Government will always make decisions which it is advised by professionals is in the interest of the service users and has a record to be proud of in this respect.