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Screening machine donated to the GHA – 511/2023

By July 31, 2023 No Comments

The GHA are delighted to announce that Mr James Levy and Mr Rafael Benaim have generously donated funding for the purchase of a Fotofinder Mole Mapping Screening Machine to the Dermatology Department.

This new Fotofinder ATBM Master 4th Generation is the most advanced device for Mole Mapping, Dermoscopy and Lesion photography. With its advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities it will be able to digitally image any lesions or skin conditions and thus diagnose people with Melanoma Skin Cancer.  The equipment will ‘map’ the total surface of the skin and as early detection is key to a positive prognosis and survival of Melanoma Skin Cancers it will greatly assist successful outcomes, especially as the majority of melanomas arise in clear normal skin rather than in pre-existing moles.

Dr Jose Ferrera, General Practioner for Dermatology said: “The purchase of this new Fotofinder Mole Mapping Screening Machine will be most helpful to quickly identify atypical lesions on the skin and enhance patient’s experience of our service.  A most welcome asset for our Dermatology Department”.

Director General, Professor Patrick Geoghegan, said: “I take the opportunity to thank Mr Levy and Mr Benaim on behalf of the community. Melanoma Skin Cancer is the fifth most common Cancer thus diagnosis at the early stages is important. However, although we now have obtained this outstanding piece of equipment, I still advise service users to please perform self-examination at home to pick up any new or changing moles and do not hesitate in contacting us should you notice any differences”.