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Saving lives is now more important than parliamentary reform – 117/2021

By February 3, 2021 No Comments

It is evident that the Leader of the Opposition does not like it when the Government exposes the fact that the GSD did not practice in office what they now preach in relation to meetings of the Gibraltar Parliament. This is clearly a sore point and must be a matter of considerable embarrassment for him.

The Government remains as committed today to parliamentary reform as it was during the 2019 General Election. However, the Opposition will forgive us for taking the policy decision that saving lives and protecting the future of Gibraltar for our children takes priority at this moment in time.

In any case, this year even with the pandemic and our departure from the European Union, the Government has still answered hundreds and hundreds of questions tabled by the Opposition either orally or in writing. Mr Azopardi tries to ignore that. It is very sad to see the Opposition’s continuing attempts to distort reality in order to score cheap political points at this critical juncture.

The numbers and the facts speak for themselves. This Government has delivered the reform of Parliament in many areas already and will complete the task when it is able to do so. For now, dealing with the deadly second wave of COVID-19 matters more. In his heart, Mr Azopardi knows that. He needs to resist the politics of speaking out just simply to be heard.