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Royal Gibraltar Police partner with the Ministry of Equality to celebrate National Inclusion Week – 663/2020

By September 28, 2020 No Comments

National Inclusion Week falls on the week of the 28th September 2020. This is a week of celebration of diversity and aims to promote inclusion in the workplace. Taking part in Inclusion Week enables organisations to demonstrate their commitment towards inclusion.

It is important to remove any biases, whether conscious or unconscious, towards any minority groups in the workplace. The experiences at work of people who belong to different minority groups will be quite different and one solution will not fit all. Employers need to realize that different people have different needs and employees must be recognised for their values and they need to be supported as individuals. Flexibility with the needs of individual staff members is paramount not only from an inclusion perspective, but also to maintain staff moral high. The benefits of hiring a diverse workforce are also well documented and when staff are problem solving in groups or teams better solutions are achieved.

To commemorate Inclusion Week, the Royal Gibraltar Police will be flying their RGP rainbow colour flag at New Mole House Police Station.

Furthermore, the RGP LGBTQ+ Police Constable has met with the Department of Equality and discussed the different initiatives that are being carried out to promote inclusion throughout the year in their respective departments.

The Minister for Equality and Justice, The Hon Samantha Sacramento MP, said “National Inclusion Week should be used to reflect on different ways employers can be more inclusive, this is not something that we should forget once the week is over. This manner of inclusive thinking should be done all year round.

Gibraltar is becoming more inclusive, evidence of this is out for all to see, but some mind-sets still need to change, I am certain that with raising awareness with initiatives like these and with understanding and acceptance, a more inclusive society will be achieved. A more inclusive society will certainly help build a better Gibraltar for everyone.

Over the last few years, the Ministry for Equality has pioneered on numerous initiatives and there have been many milestones achieved in the progress of this journey.


During the time that I have been the Minister for Justice, I have worked closely with the Commissioner of Police to further the equality and inclusion and I very much welcome his commitment to partnership with the Ministry for Equality.”

The Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger said “The Royal Gibraltar Police are proud to promote Inclusion week across our organisation highlighting equality, diversity and being inclusive, not only this week, but at all times and in everything we do. 

We are an equal opportunities employer who promote and support all individuals regardless of who they are. The raising of this flag today, shows our commitment to diversity. I am also working very closely with our Women in Policing forum within the RGP.  I am pleased to be able to work in close partnership with the Ministry of Equality to promote inclusion and continue to raise awareness on all issues of equality in our society.”