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Round five of future treaty talks conclude in Brussels – 78/2022

By February 3, 2022 No Comments

The fifth round of UK-EU negotiations for a treaty on the future relationship of Gibraltar with the European Union concluded in Brussels this afternoon.

The discussions, which commenced yesterday, covered a wide range of different areas and were held in a friendly and constructive manner. There is scope for progress on a number of areas and for further discussion on more complex and difficult matters.

The Attorney General Michael Llamas participated in person, assisted by the Director of Gibraltar House in Brussels Daniel D’Amato. The Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister once again connected into the meeting virtually.

The Government remains firmly committed to secure a treaty based on the political framework agreed together with the United Kingdom and Spain on 31 December 2020. In the meantime, and as has happened so far, there will be ongoing engagement with Spain at different levels.