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Restoration of Whipping Post – 885/2022

By November 30, 2022 No Comments

The Ministry for Heritage and Gibraltar National Museum together with the support of Casais have undertaken a series of restoration works on the ‘Whipping Post’ that is located outside the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe.

The Whipping Post dates to the 18th Century and stands in testament to the use of the Shrine as a guardhouse after the British arrival in 1704.

The damage caused by insects and the elements was quite extensive, and there was a small section of wood on the base which had been below the road surface, that was so badly affected that it no longer had structural integrity and consequently had to be removed.

In order to protect it from future attack by pests, and the elements in general, the post has not been inserted back into the ground, but rather inserted into a metal sleeve.

The Minister for Heritage, Prof. John Cortes said: “The restoration of the ‘Whipping Post’ is yet another example of small but important heritage projects throughout Gibraltar that highlight our commitment to its preservation. We now have another feature that is protected for posterity, making the Europa Point landscape even more interesting to users”.