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Response to Marlene Hassan Nahon – 28/2020

By January 15, 2020 No Comments

Reacting to Ms Hassan Nahon’s response to his New Year statement, the Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said: “Ms Hassan Nahon’s New Year message is tragic evidence that she has once again repeatedly and dangerously contradicted herself whilst unfortunately abandoning her self-ascribed ‘constructive’ attitude towards politics whilst instead pursuing the meaningless “Punch and Judy” style she so criticises.

“It is also somewhat disappointing to see Ms Hassan Nahon now not support us in our unwavering actions against those who have insulted and potentially defamed our country and pride. Having first said in Parliament she fully supported our action against Vox 100%, she now seems not so firm in her support.

“My Government will never sit by as toxic rhetoric is flung in our direction by fascists and as an opposition member, neither should she.

“But what is becoming clear is that Ms Hassan Nahon is worryingly inconsistent in her approach to everything. One day she calls for constructive politics and the next she is hurling insults. One day she is calling for a referendum on abortion, the next she is against a referendum on abortion. One day she is telling me that we should not be in discussions with parties that represent different principles to hers (as she did in the GFSB debate), and the next she is saying we should be working with all parties even those we disagree with.

“And then – even more worryingly – one day she is 100% behind us in our actions against Vox and the next she is wavering and telling us we should just ignore them and be ourselves. Indeed, her New Year’s statement flatly contradicts her statement in Parliament on this less than 30 days ago. Frankly, on these issues her lack of consistency sends a message of lack of any intellectual rigour or cohesion which is dangerous in the extreme in the context of government.”