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Reply to Hassan Nahon on sanctions to Russia and Russian Oligarchs – 159-2022

By March 7, 2022 No Comments
159.1 2022

The Government notes the statement from Ms Marlene Hassan Nahon saying that she has not been involved in arms deals. 

This is a surprising deviation from her statements to Gibraltar Magazine in January 2017 when she said specifically said the opposite.  She said then, talking about her employment at Riggs Bank, that she ‘felt very comfortable in [that] environment. It was fascinating to see the amount of money and arms that were moved around between countries. I know a lot about this stuff, but it is very sensitive information. That’s why I cannot tell you much.’

A screen shot of the relevant part of the interview given by Ms Hassan Nahon on the subject is included for ease of reference.

The Government further notes Ms Hassan Nahon’s continued failure to find the relevant sanctions lists applicable in Gibraltar, despite the Chief Minister having specifically referred to them in his interview yesterday on GBC.  These have been electronically published and are continually updated.