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Reacting to the GSD Press Release on VAT, the Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said: ‘The Government is preparing to work with TLAC and with other entities in finessing its negotiating objectives on any aspects of a UK/EU Treaty on Gibraltar which might relate to free or more fluid movement on goods between Gibraltar and the EU. The panoply of different options available is massive and so wide that it is not worth commenting on the many hundreds of different potential outcomes. Whilst we work, plan and strategise it is clear that Mr Clinton wants to just speculate, hypothesize and scaremonger. We have said we are considering all options in respect of movement of goods and that we will only agree options that maintain or enhance Gibraltar’s attraction as a place from which to do business. This is work we are having to do not out of choice, but because Britain’s departure from the EU takes us involuntarily out of the EU and we have to find a new accommodation with Europe if we want frontier fluidity etc. Roy seems to forget that. So we will continue working with the UK in preparing for our treaty negotiation with the EU. I would also remind Mr Clinton that our negotiating opponents also assiduously read, listen to and watch the Gibraltar media. He will therefore not find me giving away our positions in public at this stage. What is in the interests of businesses in Gibraltar, in Main Street and elsewhere, is that the Government I lead should work, as it is doing, with their representatives and our negotiating partners in the UK in ensuring we are well prepared to represent the interests of all Gibraltar’s businesses and all our people in this coming negotiation. That is what we will concentrate on. We’ll leave the speculation, the hypothesizing and the scaremongering to Roy.’